American Sosciety of Biomechanics

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American Society of Biomechanics strives to foster and enhance the understanding of two of the most important disciplines of science, Bio and Mechanics. The advanced knowledge of these vital principles can benefit a number of fields in science and biology. American Society of Biomechanics provides a fair platform to all the researchers, scientists, professionals and students to collaborate for their personal development as well as for the betterment of Biomechanics at large.

Through its multiple training programs, seminars and talks, American Society of Biomechanics helps to build a close community of related personnel who can inspire each other to introduce new breakthroughs in the field. The society welcomes its members and those who are willing to make a career in this very field, with its wide range of facilities and services. These programs help in encouraging the participants to hone their skills by learning in a friendly and receptive environment. American Society of Biomechanics also acknowledges the researchers and professionals with different awards if they have made a notable contribution to the field with their academic research and experiments.

Besides the core field of Biomechanics, some of the related areas in which the Society comes into play include Biological Sciences, Health Sciences, Engineering and Applied Science, Exercise and Sports Science and Ergonomics and Human Factors. These subcategories deal with broad topics such as human gait mechanics, muscle functions and athletic performance which are vital in daily life.

The advancement in these disciplines can also come in handy for different sports such as athletics, football, baseball and numerous others. Better and detailed understanding of these areas can help in improved standards of health, fitness and life on whole. With the help of its able participants and members, American Society of Biomechanics bridges the gap between mechanics and biology through its interactive sessions and programs.