History Mission

Scientists have been conducting research on different areas of science and interrelated principles for hundreds of years. But there was a little study on the connection between the two most crucial disciplines of science; Biology and Mechanics. American Society of Biomechanics was formed in October 1977 by the mutual collaboration of 53 clinicians and scientists. To empower the academics with the knowledge of Biomechanics, the Society formed alliances with a number of other associations. Among these, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Orthopedic Research Society and American College of Sports Medicine are mention worthy.

With the support of these organizations, the Society expanded its infrastructure and invited a number of professionals to exchange their knowledge and views on Biomechanics. With its resourceful programs, open talk sessions and socials, American Society of Biomechanics extended the horizons of both the principles. Over the course of its existence, the Society has helped numerous scholars and students to get a good grasp over the field of Biomechanics.

With every passing year, American Society of Biomechanics introduced new subjects to meet the changes going on in the field. As a result, a number of new disciplines such as Health Science, Exercise and Sports Science and Biological Sciences were introduced. The inclusion of these areas has helped the concerned participants to come up with inventive solutions to solve body, work, sports and health related problems. Sports benefited the most by this initiative as wrestling professionals, basketball players and athletes encounter most of the muscle injuries. Today, with its devoted team of over 600 members, American Society of Biomechanics is offering wonderful opportunities to spur up innovations in Biomechanics and related fields.

American Society of Biomechanics’ mission is to engage researchers, academics and scientists working in the core and related fields of Biomechanics through a mutual forum for their personal growth as well for the betterment of the interrelated disciplines.

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