Studies on Electronic Cigarettes

Ever since e-cigs have gained widespread popularity, a debate has raged on whether it is safe to use them. New studies on e-cigs have been inconclusive but their findings have opened up further avenues in the debate. Here, however, we’ll look at a different sort of e-cig study.

A new study on e-cigs has shown that teens and minors can easily purchase electronic cigarettes online, despite the fact that sales to minors have been banned in forty one states. According to a report in JAMA Pediatrics, teens sampled in the study were able to purchase e-cigs from online retailers in 94% of their attempts.

The teens selected were aged between fourteen to seventeen years, and their parents allowed them to use their credit cards to purchase the e-cigs. It was found that only five out of ninety eight attempts were rejected by retailers based on the teens’ ages.

Interestingly, when the e-cigs were delivered, none of the teens were asked to show credible proof of their age. This becomes more significant when you consider the fact that 95% of the orders were delivered to the teens’ homes.

New e-cig studies have shown that the product has become widely popular with young people and almost seventeen percent of high school seniors claim to regularly use e-cigs. This number is more than twice the number of conventional cigarette users.

With the FDA looking to regulate the sale and usage of e-cigs nationwide, it is important that they look at online retailers too, considering no official law exists to curb the sale of this product online.